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Bethlehem and the wall from the Palestinian side

April 7th, 2018

This is a very different kind of wall that divides Israel and Palestine.

Today we were visiting Bethlehem, located just inside the West Bank area and famous for being the birthplace of Jesus. What a contrast it was back then to how it is now! The graffiti on the wall displays the pain of an angry and trapped people, yet it encloses some of the most renowned religious sites.
The ongoing conflict is complex far beyond my knowledge of history, but I found hope in people we met from both sides of this wall who want peace, even though the perspective of peace is very different depending on which side of the wall you are looking from.

My prayers go out to all those trapped by the wall and it’s division, both inside and out. Division is never easy for the heart to overcome.

A poem from one side of the wall

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