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Western Wall - Jerusalem

April 22nd, 2018

This is the Western Wall, the most holy place for jews to pray. I went to see this place with mum on the first night we were in Israel. We were staying in the local Anglican church in the heart of Jerusalem.

Both of us spent some time praying here and observing the places where men and women pray (which, in accordance with Orthodox Jewish tradition, are separated). The wall is heavily guarded and above the wall is the Temple Mount mosque, a sacred and important place for muslims to pray. Having both of these religions so close to each other understandably causes a lot of tension but it is also a chance for unity and reconciliation between them. Jerusalem is unique in this way, it is the holy place of the three Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Judiasm and Islam. Jerusalem is not a place that can be understood without religion. It is engrained in its history and DNA.

I am interested to see what will become of this religious place as secularism rises in Israel, will it construct a future of needed peace or will it again become an active battleground of conflict? My feelings are mixed as I leave this city confused as to if it is holy and healing its wounds or moving towards conflict.

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